Courtesy of Hillels of Westchester

Dr. Eric Mandel Discusses the Middle East, Racism, and Anti-Semitism

Dr. Eric Mandel, the director of MEPIN (Middle East Political and Information Network), was invited by Hillels of Westchester to speak at More »

Drake, Slipknot, and Taylor Swift: Something for Everyone at the Cover Show

(Photo/ Kelsey Sucena).

Flocks of students made their way to the Stood on April 18, where student bands covered artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, Slipknot, The Beach Boys, Avril Lavigne, and many more. Jake Atherton, a junior at Purchase, described the show as

Purchase People: Rebecca Weeks

    This week: we spoke to Rebecca Weeks, a New Media student that submitted her film “Fabric” to the SUNYWide Film Festival. She was selected as one of the finalists at the festival, and wanted to share her experience

Purchase Dies for Zombie Prom: A Photo Essay

A light-up sign welcomes zombie to Prom. (Photo/ David Weber).

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, the Stood was transformed from its ordinary look into a space of death-defying proportions for Zombie Prom, a yearly event where students of Purchase dress up in zombie attire and make-up. This year was bigger

Potholes Cause Problems On Purchase Campus

Many potholes on Brigid Flannigan Drive are so dangerous that cones are necessary to warn cars of the depth and severity. [Photo/Riley Damerell]

With the end of Winter, students should be ready to dodge, swerve, and weave around potholes while driving through the Purchase College campus on Brigid Flannigan Drive. While potholes may be expected on roads following a harsh winter, the number

Poets at Purchase: A Reading with Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram of Purchase's Visiting Poets Series. [Photo/Contributed.]

On Tuesday April 14, Professor Monica Ferrell opened up the tenth week of the Creative Writing Visiting Poet’s Series with a huge smile. She read a brief introduction about poet Lillian-Yvonne Bertram before the guest speaker took her place at

Tonight: Autism Awareness and Acceptance Panel


April is Autism Awareness/Autism Acceptance month. To celebrate, participants of the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Program at Purchase are hosting a panel and talent showcase tonight, April 15. According to Lauren Greiner, ASD program coordinator, all of the panel and

Emergency Senate Meeting: Fostering Diversity and Possibly a Fraternity

Courtesy of the PSGA

The PSGA held an emergency meeting on Tuesday, April 7 to bring up topics such as Governor Cuomo’s sexual assault policy and the dismissal of the SUNY Rational Tuition plan. The most controversial topics were saved for the second half

Cross-Registration is Available for Purchase & Manhattanville Students

Purchase College Logo

This week Purchase students are waiting with bated breath to sign up for classes. However, many may not be aware of the cross-registration partnership between Purchase and Manhattanville colleges. On April 27, students will have the opportunity to turn in

Random Snaps of Kindness Showers Purchase in Love

Courtesy of Random Snaps of Kindness Facebook Page

Tracy Goldberg is experiencing some new fame as the student behind the current event, Random Snaps of Kindness. Her plan is for students to add the Snapchat account, “snapofkindness” and send creative pictures and photos of kind actions they perform.

Green Jobs At Purchase College

Career Development Center is hosting a career panel discussing the benefits of eco friendly careers to Purchase students. Collaborating with the Environmental Studies Department, the two hope to help students understand on the resources needed, if students are seeking to

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